The Great Ocean Road Day 2 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Following from yesterday’s post, it is time for Day 2 of my 3 day road trip with 3 Italian guys and myself!

….I managed to toss and turn til about 7am where I gave up and read for an hour until the guys awoke. Once everyone was up and had eaten a bit of breakfast (Peanut butter and bread… and an apple) we managed to pack away the soaked tent and all of our gear.

We got in the car and made our way to the Cape Otway Lightstation where we heard we could see wild Koala Bears. Arriving we found out that it was going to cost $20 to go back and see the lighthouse so we decided against it. Instead we went on a lovely walk called the Great Ocean Walk where we became experienced bushwalkers and saw the lighthouse from the distance. The lady at the lighthouse front desk told us that as we drove back to the main road to look up, we would see a ton of Koalas in the treetops. Hopping back into the car, with our nature eyes on, we did! The second we spotted one we began to spot more and more! Sleeping in the treetops, what a good life!IMG_0227IMG_0230 - Copy

After the morning walk and the koala spottings we were on our way to the most famous view of the Great Ocean Road, the 12 Apostles. Driving from the rolling hills, through the countryside, around the coast, and by the water we spotted over 4 rainbows! This was the one benefit of the crazy windy, temperamental weather we had all trip. We would have sunny skies for a moment and then it would pour for 5 minutes and then go back to sunny with a LOT of wind. Anyways, staring out as these beautiful rocks God had made was just stunning. They stood tall and strong in the middle of the ocean, open to all the weathering and erosion of the wind and waves, yet remaining firm.

It made me think of how we are meant to be: God at times places us in these rough places, out in the ocean with no shelter, allows waves to break over us, and wind to push us from every direction. However, if we remember it is in him that we find our strength, this won’t matter and we will remain erect, hopeful in the waves.

IMG_0248 IMG_0269 IMG_0279IMG_0284

The drive from the 12 Apostles to Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool was one of quiet contemplation for me. Actually this entire trip was one of quiet contemplation since I only understood ¼ of the discussions that were happening around me due to the language barrier. It made me contemplate life, love, faith, and future. It was such a wonderful trip that allowed me to live just in the moment, for me.

Anyways, we had a small stop at this one pool and it reminded me of the H2O pool, and Australian TV show (the teen show that my little brother and I LOVED!) Next the stop at Logan’s Beach was supposed to be one of whale watching as there is still a mom and her calf in the waters, yet with the wind making the waves so crazy, unfortunately we couldn’t spot a whale. However, the views were still stunning!


This is the pool I am convinced H2O was filmed in…

IMG_0337 - Copy

This little bud just hopped right into our car as we were stopped for gas!


Hopping back into the car, I was informed that earlier on that morning the guys had decied we would stay in a warm, dry hostel that night. I was totally on board! I was ready for a shower, warmth and a nice cup of tea. We decided our stop for the night would be in Port Fairy.

Upon arrival we explored one last gem before finding a hostel: Griffiths Island in Port Fairy. WOW! That’s what I have to say about Griffiths Island. It took a bit of my soul and planted it deep in the ground, in the waves, in the sky. I felt God here. As I type this and remember I get chills, wonderful chills that are full of hope. The waves we saw here are the biggest I have ever seen in my life and standing on the edge of rocks as the waves broke in front of me provided a sountrack to my beating heart. This soundtrack played as the sun peaked through the cloudy sky as it began to sink into the ocean, saying goodnight to the world. We strolled, we wrote in the sand, I stared and prayed. God spoke to me here. I felt God’s presence as I stared at the ocean, at the rolling hills, and at the lighthouse standing strong for years. I left a bit of my soul on Griffiths Island and left with more hope than I could fathom.

IMG_0354 - Copy - Copy IMG_0357 - Copy - Copy IMG_0362 - Copy - Copy IMG_0373 - Copy IMG_0431 IMG_0453 IMG_0459 - Copy IMG_0470 IMG_0486 - Copy IMG_0512 IMG_0517

That night we found a Youth Hostel of Australia where we planted ourselves for the night. We got settled in the cute little hostel, met a few of our fellow vistors: one included a man sent to Port Fairy by his Uni to see how the hospital worked in this small town, an old man who reigned from Italy, and two German girls who were travelling around Australia for 6 weeks. We took showers and the guys fixed pasta for me! We sipped on wine, ate pasta, and spoke in English for an hour! Port Fairy was such a sleepy town. No one was out for our after dinner stroll and the two streets in town seemed to be no more than 15 meters long with nothing happening. It was the perfect night, not too hot, not too cold, comfortable and stable, that’s how I’d describe Port Fairy. It would be a lovely place to raise a family if you wanted the complete community town feel.


And that was Day 2 of the road trip! Tomorrow the trip comes to an end! Thanks for following this journey!!

49 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Road Day 2 Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. What an incredible trip for you to be taking, and what a beautiful country you’re getting to see so much more of! It sounds like your trip has been lovely so far, filled with fun, as well as deep, quiet thoughts, and I hope the rest of it is equally amazing. Enjoy the rest of the journey!

  2. Even if I do not really run, I would if it would be there! I would love to visit 12 Apostles! It looks like you are having so much fun in there! Nice photos, specially the dog. ;P

  3. That looks like a blast and the scenery is breathtaking. It’s great that you’re having this great experience and you’re able to share it with others along the way. I end u going on trips by myself and I can say the few times I actually traveled with someone else were loads better.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement Nile! It was such a good experience to travel with others and get to know them! I am actually about to head off to the Great Barrier Reef for a trip by myself so I will get both experiences! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  4. This is genuinely awesome! Thank you for sharing this place with me… I would love to go to amazing places and smile so big when I see people on outdoor adventures like this! 🙂 so cool!

  5. What an amazing journey! I am so glad you wrote everything down. Years from now you can read this journal and be reminded of how important it is to seek out the places where you can hear and feel God.

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