Melbourne University Through the Eyes of a Runner.

My feet hitting the bricked ground is the only sound I hear

Other than the rustle of the wind through the leaves of the Gum tree standing tall and strong

As I walk your corridors I can feel your history

 I can hear the whispers of conversations spoken

The hope of the knowledge you bring

And the joy in the hearts of the people who never thought they would have made it here

Your structure stands firm, 1853 to today, you are here

The moon peeks out from behind the clouds

Glittering in the same frame as your clock tower

Time moves on

Yet this night, you remain still

I blink hard as if my lids are the shutter on a camera

Capturing this frame forever, this moment, unchanged

Not another human is moving, only the stray black cat running down the hall

I am transported back to 1853

I breathe in the air that has remained unchanged for centuries

Cycled through so many great Australian minds

The life source of many

I can hear their cries of pain

But I can also hear the songs of knowledge and revelation

They don’t make buildings like this anymore

You know,

Ones that whisper their history on chilly spring nights to visitors from another land

Thank you for sharing your stories with me

This a little bit about my story here abroad, in Australia, at the University of Melbourne. I learn, I explore, I grow. Since I have been here I have found a peace. One that has been found in myself, in others, and mostly in God. I cannot believe I have been here almost two months and I have less than three more here. Here is to the coming best three months of my life!

16 thoughts on “Melbourne University Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. I’m so glad that you’re studying abroad–I did my study abroad session in London and it changed my life! I really wish more people would fit it into their time in college. I’ve never been to Australia, but it looks beautiful! Here’s to the rest of your time abroad going amazingly! 🙂

  2. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous writing and photos. It’s amazing the things God has created. Study abroad is such an awesome opportunity. I wish I had taken advantage of it in college but hopefully I will get the chance to go in the future.

  3. The campus looks amazing! Australia is one of the places I wouldn’t mind going to. I spent a month in Korea this summer and had a bunch of stories from my time, so I know you’ll have many great things to share when you return. Enjoy your time!

  4. Wow what emotion you must have felt when you were standing with this structure! Your poem is beautiful, but even saying that I feel like I’m cheapening it. Your experience in Australia must be breathtaking.

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