Openness Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Today is one of those days that it is just appropriate to sit in the utter darkness, listening to the cars rush by, as the breeze blows through my open windows.

Openness: the windows, my heart.

I listen, I burst, I am.

Healing was on my mind today. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.

A promise can do all that.

A promise has done all that.

God is good.

Now it is my turn to make the promise;

To myself. I will be open.

I will be me.

I will love and seek joy.

My heart is open.

Just as my window.

Let the air fill both, my room and my heart.

Let the traffic rush by and not cause me to stumble.

I am here.

I am now.


What adventure to embark upon this week?


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