Everyday Things Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So many things have happened since last week, little things that on their own may not seem like much but together are truly are wonderful.

I ate kangaroo. It has been very interesting to hear my Australian friend’s reactions to this fact. Some are very against it, I mean I did eat one of their national animals. Others are so proud because it is some of their favorite meat. And the rest of them are torn right down the middle and don’t know what to think. Here is what I think, it was really, really delicious!

I ran on the track. I had not run, like truly run, on the track since my last track meet of my senior year of high school. As I watched a guy run around the track an extreme sense of nostalgia hit me, I desired to run fast and turn left again. So I laced up my shoes for my second run that day, jogged over to the track, did my customary warm up lap, a lap of dynamic stretching, and then killed myself with a 7:14 mile. I hadn’t worked on true speed all summer except the occasional forced treadmill speed workout. It was exhilarating and I can still feel the lap of dynamic stretching today! For all you Liberty High School track kids out there, 50 meters of tigerbalms= painful walking for 4 days.

I attended my first prayer meeting. A beautiful sister in Christ reached out to me and a friend here at Queens and invited us to a weekly prayer meeting with her. This was so beautiful. I hadn’t been this spiritually refreshed in prayer since I have been in Australia and it was wonderful. We were able to pray for Queens, for each other, and for revival that is so much needed in this apathetic Western world.

I have remembered to hydrate properly, daily. This is super trivial but as I had neglected proper hydration for the past week, I needed it!

I booked my spring break (midsemester) trip! I am now officially in two weekends getting my scuba diving certification here in Melbourne so I can dive in the Great Barrier Reef! I head up to Cairns on a Friday, spend Saturday in the sun, dive on Sunday, and then begin a 5 day tour of the Reef, Rainforest, and Tablelands! I am so looking forward to this!


Now to get through the next month!  Four weeks, four assignments, and much fun to go til this trip!

I got a tan. While writing this blog I was wearing a tank top and jeans and I have a tan. Life is good!


One last plug til I sign off today, you may know I write for a few different entities. I wanted to let you know about one new one: I am a Penn Abroad Blogger! If you are interested in following this blog you will get to read about not only my experiences abroad but experiences all over the world! Most of my posts are quite similar to ones you have seen on my blog but they may be different too! Check it out! http://pennabroad.wordpress.com/

15 thoughts on “Everyday Things Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef and touring the rainforest? That is going to be one amazing break! I hope you’ll be able to take lots of pictures to share with us. You’ll enjoy every moment of it!

  2. The diving sounds wonderful! Congrats on your upcoming certification! And the prayer meeting – super wonderful! I lead a prayer group on Wednesday nights at our church and I always have so much fun and refreshing.

  3. I’m leaving to study abroad tomorrow (eek!) and I’ve heard that sometimes the littlest things about living abroad are the coolest, and it was great to read all about your little things! I really look forward to hearing about your adventures over your break, diving is terrifying to me, but I’m sure it will be so much fun!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

    • Eeeeeeeee! By now you are gone!! You are going to France! Well I will use all my french knowledge and say Bonjour! We should totally share personal stories about the things we are learning abroad! Goodluck!

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