Locust Walk Through the Eyes of a Runner.

As I sit here pondering what this fall ( my spring here in Australia) will bring I am reminded of how I miss Philadelphia, Penn, and the main thoroughfare, Locust Walk.

It reminded me of a text I received that was too beautiful to ever delete. I asked permission from the wonderful author and wanted to share this beautiful piece of imagery with you, because it encompasses exactly what I will miss and the beauty such a simple area such as a thoroughfare contains.

“I love locust walk for so many reasons and in each season there is something magical about it.

In fall, as the brisk autumn air blows the changing colored leaves around students who are returning and seeing old friends again, or the new freshmen who are still in awe of their new home and are filled with an outgoing spirit to meet everyone they can.

In winter with the Christmas light balls hanging over the walk, signifying that Christmas is just around the corner and that good and relaxing times lay ahead.


In spring, it’s the time of new life, new love, and rebirth, as the trees and flowers grow back after a harsh winter, and people come out from inside and the desire to connect or flirt with others returns.  There is an end in sight, and one must strive to make the most of this fleeting time during this perfect season of the year.

photo (1)

And then in summer, rather than campus seeming lonely, there are smiling faces of those few who remain enjoying the beauty of this place or discovering it for the first time, and as changes to campus are made, one sees the promise of fall returning and locust walk coming alive once again. “

Here I sit, nostalgic for Locust Walk.

But, I’m sure I will be brought to a similarly beautiful area in my new city, college, and campus. From Bedford to Philadelphia to Melbourne.


8 thoughts on “Locust Walk Through the Eyes of a Runner.

  1. Having just arrived in Melbourne, this post is making me nostalgic as well! Can’t wait to be back in Philly later this month.

      • Sydney was excellent – are you going to hop over there during this semester? There are some great, affordable options on Airbnb.

        This week in Canberra has been on the peaceful side which is nice to have in a Sydney-Melbourne sandwich. Looking forward to exploring Melbourne for the next week or so!

      • Yay! I actually have a trip planned next Saturday! 🙂 anything you suggest to not miss? And how was Canberra, worth the trip up?

        Melbourne is a cool city! If you can I definitely recommend going out to St. Kilda pier at night (7:00 onward) to see the little blue penguins! Plus there are really good cake shops right around the bend on Acland street!

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