One Week Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So in one week from today I leave. It is starting to hit me and hit me hard.


I am leaving EVERYTHING. Everything I know, everything that is familiar, all those comfortable things we tend to grip to.

Important things like our family, our friends, our home.But this week I have been thinking of all those little things I find comfort in, like being able to have my entire closet at my disposal when I desire it, being able to do laundry every (or every other day), being able to understand every word the people around me say, knowing I can look up a map on my phone when I’m lost or call someone who knows the way, how to order my coffee exactly how I like it, being able to find all the brands I’m familiar with, knowing I have people 10 minutes to 7 hours away when I need them.

What happens when these comforts are taken away? What happens when they are 10,018 miles away? When they are a 2 day journey flight away?
Well here is my answer right now, I adapt.




Keep following my journey to see how that becomes reality! I will be posting on this blog weekly on a Wednesday. Since I will be 14 hours ahead of the United States when I first arrive in Australia and 16 by the time I leave, my Wednesdays may be your Tuesdays, so plan accordingly. 🙂

I may post more often if I find time since I am disconnecting myself from other methods of communication (read: Facebook, texting, and calling) therefore should be saving time in my day to explore and share!


Okay enough of my shameless plugs for following my blog on the sidebar, my facebook business page updates by liking it here, or Bloglovin here.



Now I will share a few things… things that I bought especially for my trip to Australia. I see every single thing being useful in my future, yet I would have never purchased them if I weren’t going abroad next Wednesday! (Ahhh! So soon!!!!!)


A journal and a new bible study

A new camera!!!!!

A practical and functional raincoat and small portable umbrella


A new (thrift store) purse with a kangaroo on it called Pouchee (how appropriate!!!), a small wristlet wallet, and a passport wallet!


And a pretty, pretty scarf since I have limited room for clothes, I will have to reuse all my outfits many times, but can differ them a little with a pretty scarf!