The Journey Begins! T-Minus 2 weeks Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So in two weeks from today I start the biggest journey of my life…

It will be the longest flight I have ever taken, the furthest I have ever been away from home, and the furthest I have ever been away from the United States.

I pray that this is a journey physically, mentally, and emotionally.


In two weeks from today I will begin the 27 hour journey to Melbourne, Australia where I will remain for the next 5 months.

Two weeks still seem so far off that I can’t fully grasp the reality of it. I am so excited though. I am preparing myself, slowly but surely.

In my preparations I am picking up lingo, reading the Melbourne News, and searching for places to explore. I have also become an avid watcher of a show on Hulu that takes place in Melbourne: House Husbands.  (It’s quite catchy, also Aussie accents, need I say more?)


So with my last two weeks of summer closing in I plan to make the most of them; finish up my summer in South Carolina, get all my appointments out of the way, say goodbye to my family, and hang out with those I care about. Not to mention pack in a smart and efficient way… One suitcase, 5 months, two seasons… this may prove the biggest challenge of them all. For now, it’s time to go soak up some rays of South Carolina summer sun at the pool!