“Who Will I Be” Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Have you ever felt that feeling of the wind blowing through your hair? That weightless feeling as your bike speeds along? The joy of the sun on your face?

Well I have, and all I have to say is This is just so beautiful.


Today has been a day for contemplations: both of who I am and who I desire to be. Anything from a workout, a pedicure, time at the pool, or just sitting and feeling the fan has brought this out in me.

Who I am. At the surface I am a girl, a daughter, a sister, a blonde, a person, a part of this Earth.

But it is what I have constructed myself to be that truly is who I am. I am a friend, a runner, a believer, a lover of nature, an eternal optimist, a baker, a romantic, a shoe lover, a cheapskate, an adventurer, a reader, a writer, a counselor.

Will I remain these things? What will the future be? Who will I be?


(and after that serious note, ending with “Who will I be,” I must be mature and end with a quote from Camp Rock)

“Who will I be
It’s up to me
All the never ending possibilities
I get to make the future what I want to be
If I can make up any one and know the choice is up to me
Who will I be”


And with that, who will you be?


One thought on ““Who Will I Be” Through the Eyes of a Runner.

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