The Journey Begins! T-Minus 2 weeks Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So in two weeks from today I start the biggest journey of my life…

It will be the longest flight I have ever taken, the furthest I have ever been away from home, and the furthest I have ever been away from the United States.

I pray that this is a journey physically, mentally, and emotionally.


In two weeks from today I will begin the 27 hour journey to Melbourne, Australia where I will remain for the next 5 months.

Two weeks still seem so far off that I can’t fully grasp the reality of it. I am so excited though. I am preparing myself, slowly but surely.

In my preparations I am picking up lingo, reading the Melbourne News, and searching for places to explore. I have also become an avid watcher of a show on Hulu that takes place in Melbourne: House Husbands.  (It’s quite catchy, also Aussie accents, need I say more?)


So with my last two weeks of summer closing in I plan to make the most of them; finish up my summer in South Carolina, get all my appointments out of the way, say goodbye to my family, and hang out with those I care about. Not to mention pack in a smart and efficient way… One suitcase, 5 months, two seasons… this may prove the biggest challenge of them all. For now, it’s time to go soak up some rays of South Carolina summer sun at the pool!



Graduation Through the Eyes of a Runner.

So my little brother graduated two weekends ago.

I can’t not call him that. My little brother…

Even though he is 18. A college student. A man with a full time job. A foot taller than me (not really but it feels like it.) And starting the next stage of his life.

As I was making a video for him for graduation I was going through pictures and remembering each stage of our lives. From the baby stages, to the toddler stages, to the awkward middle school years, to now.

From the easy, carefree stages, to the hard divorce years, to trying to find our personality stages, to trying to find our passion stages.

The stages of our lives that we have been through together have been hard, wonderful, painful, perfect, horrible, and beautiful at the same time.

Every time I see him on stage, holding the spotlight, dancing, singing, performing, I can’t help but grin and tear up a little. He is such a marvelous little brother. Or maybe I should start saying, man.  As he enters the next stage of his life, I am so proud.



Graduation is such an odd time that makes you contemplate all these stages you (or your little brother) have been through. However, college is an even odder time that forces you to contemplate every part of yourself that have resulted from these stages.

So here is to contemplation.

Thoughts heavily doused in prayer, dosed with regrets, holding on by dreams, and all thought in love.  






Beaufort, South Carolina Through the Eyes of a Runner.

June 11, 2014

Location: Beaufort, SC

The salty sea breeze wafts over from the Port Royal Sound as my feet pound the tabby sidewalk along the waterfront. The people relaxing on the porch swings held up by vine covered poles wave and smile as I run by. The bits of conversations I catch are nothing but joyful.

The shops of town are busy with tourists, locals, and immaculately dressed southerners enjoying the beautiful weather of this Wednesday. Entering the historic district, I am greeted by large, beautiful homes that whisper their well established stories with each Spanish moss covered tree and white pillar. The beautiful Haint blue painted porch ceilings that are said to ward away the bad spirits and ghosts and give a southern charm to the large, beautiful, expansive porches. However, in this perfect little town, I cannot image any bad spirits or ghosts that need to be warded off. The peace here is unbelievable.

Running under the bridge created by the Large Oak trees covered in the draping Spanish moss is magical. These covered streets are not littered with modern conveniences or cars. There is a tranquility here. An acceptance of nature and the beauty it brings. It is such a nice break from the city and the busyness of our world. The sky whispers through the trees, along the sound, all the way to the ground. You can feel it. Here in Beaufort there is a connection.

The Edgar Fripp House, best known because it was featured in the Big Chill, Forest Gump, The Great Santini, and The Prince of Tides, stands out amidst the marsh and sound. The grandiose architecture takes my breath away. All of the Sound View houses do this to me.

I love it here. I think  I have fallen in love with the south and in particular, Beaufort, SC.

Running by the smaller houses along Lafayette Street and Pigeon Point Road, I am greeted by the happy faces of homeowners out mowing their large lawns and trimming overgrown shrubs before the probable short afternoon storm rolls in. As I come into view every single person stops what they are doing, smiles, and waves at me, and if they are in earshot shout hello. The warm sense of community here is evident in these loving encounters.

Pigeon Point Park is full of mothers and their toddlers enjoying lunchtime on a beautiful playground. The laughter that rings out in joy is better and more energizing than any music I could ever play on my iPod.

Now, as I sit in a wonderful, perfect small town coffee shop, Common Grounds typing this and looking out over the sound, I sip my coffee latte and smile.

The elementary and high school teachers in wicker chairs at the table beside mine chat about the joys of having the summer to relax and enjoy life here in Beaufort. I can see why this would bring them such joy. I wish I could have all summer to enjoy life here.


My 10 mile run in Beaufort, was quite beautiful. Beautiful Beaufort.






With that, I shall say goodbye, because I have much more to explore before I leave this afternoon.

“Who Will I Be” Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Have you ever felt that feeling of the wind blowing through your hair? That weightless feeling as your bike speeds along? The joy of the sun on your face?

Well I have, and all I have to say is This is just so beautiful.


Today has been a day for contemplations: both of who I am and who I desire to be. Anything from a workout, a pedicure, time at the pool, or just sitting and feeling the fan has brought this out in me.

Who I am. At the surface I am a girl, a daughter, a sister, a blonde, a person, a part of this Earth.

But it is what I have constructed myself to be that truly is who I am. I am a friend, a runner, a believer, a lover of nature, an eternal optimist, a baker, a romantic, a shoe lover, a cheapskate, an adventurer, a reader, a writer, a counselor.

Will I remain these things? What will the future be? Who will I be?


(and after that serious note, ending with “Who will I be,” I must be mature and end with a quote from Camp Rock)

“Who will I be
It’s up to me
All the never ending possibilities
I get to make the future what I want to be
If I can make up any one and know the choice is up to me
Who will I be”


And with that, who will you be?