Molting Through the Eyes (and Heart) of a Runner.

I realized while out on my run two days ago, it has been a little over a year since I started this blog.

This blog has changed and metamorphosed completely in the past year. I wanted to explain a little why.

At first, this blog was just supposed to share the sights I saw while running around the country, the city, different states, and new places. But then I realized I see with so much more than just my two eyes.

I also see with these hands that type this post, my lungs that fill with the crisp morning air, this brain that searches for these words, but mostly, my heart; this heart that feels, loves, breaks, and molts.

I have been doing a lot of molting this past year, and with it has come a shift in what I use to see. I realize, to fully see, experience, and enjoy, I must look with more than my two eyes. I must look with the full being God created. And when I do this, I can truly experience life.

I can truly experience life, love, joy, runs, movement, laughter, smiles, crying, pain, happiness, but most importantly, I can experience God.




This summer, my blog will undergo some changes: I will be posting more regularly, I will be doing a redesign which will include more tabs and information, I will be expanding my network, and exploring what this blogging world really is, this blog will be molting, similar to me in the past year.