Fruitfulness Through the Eyes of a Runner.


As my eyes slowly close I feel the sun beat down on my skin baking the thin layer of water off my bronzed skin. Today is so wonderful.


As I listen to the chatter of the family lying next to me, it is all in love.

As I listen to the laughter of the children playing next to me, it is all in joy.

As I listen to the beating of the heart inside of me, it is all in peace.

As I listen to the sounds of the ocean humming next to me, it is all in patience.

As I listen to the words of a friend sounding next to me, it is all in kindness.

As I listen to discipline of the parents next to me, it is all in goodness.

As I listen to the needs in my brokenness, it is all in faithfulness.

As I listen to the patter of feet running next to me, it is all in gentleness.

As I listen to the desires of my heart, it is all in self-control.


Everything about today has seemed abundant, abundant and fruitful. From a relaxing morning, a fun day on the beach, to productivity in the afternoon, wonderful conversations with my wonderful family, and a strong run. Abundance and fruitfulness must be acknowledged.


Molting Through the Eyes (and Heart) of a Runner.

I realized while out on my run two days ago, it has been a little over a year since I started this blog.

This blog has changed and metamorphosed completely in the past year. I wanted to explain a little why.

At first, this blog was just supposed to share the sights I saw while running around the country, the city, different states, and new places. But then I realized I see with so much more than just my two eyes.

I also see with these hands that type this post, my lungs that fill with the crisp morning air, this brain that searches for these words, but mostly, my heart; this heart that feels, loves, breaks, and molts.

I have been doing a lot of molting this past year, and with it has come a shift in what I use to see. I realize, to fully see, experience, and enjoy, I must look with more than my two eyes. I must look with the full being God created. And when I do this, I can truly experience life.

I can truly experience life, love, joy, runs, movement, laughter, smiles, crying, pain, happiness, but most importantly, I can experience God.




This summer, my blog will undergo some changes: I will be posting more regularly, I will be doing a redesign which will include more tabs and information, I will be expanding my network, and exploring what this blogging world really is, this blog will be molting, similar to me in the past year.

Thursday Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Oh to count the ways to procrastinate…..

How do I procrastinate from thee? Let me count the ways.

I avoid thee to the depth and breadth and height

My mind can’t reach, when your deadline is so far off.

For the ends of sophomore year is ideal.

I run away from thee in the light.

The quiet needed, I put aside for sun and air.

I bake for others freely, as I strive to write.

I avoid thee purely, as I run outside.

I avoid thee with passion as I write this

In my current mind, and with my future’s thought.

I avoid thee with fervor I can’t seem to lose

With my lost sanity. I avoid thee with my being,

Laughs, smiles, daydreaming; all are better to choose,

I shall be productive in time.

“Parody of Sonnet 43




With that I will share. Yesterday was the last day of my sophomore classes and made me ponder the past year. As the rain soaked me to the core, I felt a sense of renewal: of the past year washing off me.

There is one paper and two finals standing between me and a very relaxing summer.

That brings me to today: as the Earth dries from the flooding yesterday, and the juniors are now seniors, and I sit here in the sun writing. The air has an energy in it that I can’t quite explain, but it causes this smile to be plastered here and my eyes to remain fully open.

There is so much to take in, such beauty in the birds chirping, the bee flying by, the wonderful people enjoying the weather, the bright pink flowers that are pungent with spring. This air is marvelous.


Now to be productive. Hopefully this energy will help.