Arizona Through the Eyes of a Runner.

As I stare out at the red Earth surrounding me, I take a deep, dry breath. I look heavenwards towards the light blue sky. The beauty in this place is too majestic, too beautiful, too spiritual.


My eyes can’t take in all of this at once. As I close my thin lids, I feel the sun, I feel the breeze, I feel his spirit. How great is our God?


Deeper than the valleys below me, grander than the mountains before me, and more than my feeble mind can ever imagine.


This Earth, this creation. We are here. We are now.









My trip to Arizona was far too short, crazily packed, and wonderfully enjoyed!

I was blessed to be able to vacation for 3 days with my father, my little brother, and our family friend, Chris. We always have an adventure when we go on vacation.


This one included lots of rock climbing, lots of mountain scaling, jumping 20 feet into a freezing cold river, seeing the Grand Canyon, hiking the Grand Canyon, flying a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, catching up with family, and many laughs, and even more smiles!



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