Sun Through the Eyes of a Runner.

As the sun warms my face, I can’t help but grin.

Grin at my schoolwork, at my friend studying next to me, at the strangers who surround me on blankets. I can’t help but grin at life.

Every year it amazes and excites me to see how much nicer people become when the temperature is nice and there is sun. Strangers find it appropriate to smile at each other. Friends will talk a few minutes longer to see how you are actually doing. Lovers remember their heart connection to each other. Family checks in to see how the others are doing. Those who have hardened their hearts remember how to laugh. Those who have given up hope on relationships remember how to flirt. Those who forget that there is love in the world find peace.

Spring is such an amazing time of renewal.

As I reminded yesterday, spring is a time to renew your spirit. With Palm Sunday, I began to think of all that has been done for me; what has been done for this undeserving, hopeless, impatient, hardened, selfish soul.

I don’t think it was coincidence that yesterday was so sunny. I think it was merely an outward example of the hope we can find in Christ.

So, as the sun warms my face, I am grinning: internally and externally.