Worship Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Our voices rise together, in a beautiful hum. The words flow freely and openly as we lift our thoughts to that above. The expressions being presented are not of ourselves, instead of that deepest part of our hearts that break for the world, and for each other.

Our foreheads touch as the tears flow. These beautiful sentiments of brokenness, hope, and grace.

Our tears meld these three together, as our voices continue from the deepest place of our being.

Our voices and chants turn to song. To a psalm. To worship.


This continues into the dark of the night. But all I can see is light.

As our heads fall for the final time, we continue. Our minds becoming one with our bodies. Our minds becoming one with the Earth and all who inhabit it. Our minds are not our own.

This beautiful hum, murmurs on.