Skyline Through the Eyes of a Runner.

The past week, I have been mesmerized by the Philadelphia Skyline. The varying heights of the buildings, the hustle and bustle down below, and the lovely views of where I call home.


Let’s review my week in pictures of said skyline:


Flying into the city Last Saturday: (Taken from the Plane)



Driving Back from the Airport last Saturday: (Taken on Broad Street)


A Beautiful Easter Afternoon: (Taken from my window)



A blue-skied Tuesday: (taken from my window)




Tuesday once the clouds rolled in: (Taken from 30th and South Street)




A beautiful Wednesday run to Old City: (Taken from Penn’s Landing on the Delaware River)


Another Shiny Thursday: (Taken from my window)


A beautiful Friday morning run: (Taken from the park off the Schuylkill River Trail)



Another view from the Friday Morning Run: (Taken over South Street Bridge as the train was coming down the tracks)



This was my week in review. These pictures have nothing to do with me, yet somehow I find them having everything to do with me. I love this city.

Matthew 5:14 “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”


Arizona Through the Eyes of a Runner.

As I stare out at the red Earth surrounding me, I take a deep, dry breath. I look heavenwards towards the light blue sky. The beauty in this place is too majestic, too beautiful, too spiritual.


My eyes can’t take in all of this at once. As I close my thin lids, I feel the sun, I feel the breeze, I feel his spirit. How great is our God?


Deeper than the valleys below me, grander than the mountains before me, and more than my feeble mind can ever imagine.


This Earth, this creation. We are here. We are now.









My trip to Arizona was far too short, crazily packed, and wonderfully enjoyed!

I was blessed to be able to vacation for 3 days with my father, my little brother, and our family friend, Chris. We always have an adventure when we go on vacation.


This one included lots of rock climbing, lots of mountain scaling, jumping 20 feet into a freezing cold river, seeing the Grand Canyon, hiking the Grand Canyon, flying a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, catching up with family, and many laughs, and even more smiles!



Sun Through the Eyes of a Runner.

As the sun warms my face, I can’t help but grin.

Grin at my schoolwork, at my friend studying next to me, at the strangers who surround me on blankets. I can’t help but grin at life.

Every year it amazes and excites me to see how much nicer people become when the temperature is nice and there is sun. Strangers find it appropriate to smile at each other. Friends will talk a few minutes longer to see how you are actually doing. Lovers remember their heart connection to each other. Family checks in to see how the others are doing. Those who have hardened their hearts remember how to laugh. Those who have given up hope on relationships remember how to flirt. Those who forget that there is love in the world find peace.

Spring is such an amazing time of renewal.

As I reminded yesterday, spring is a time to renew your spirit. With Palm Sunday, I began to think of all that has been done for me; what has been done for this undeserving, hopeless, impatient, hardened, selfish soul.

I don’t think it was coincidence that yesterday was so sunny. I think it was merely an outward example of the hope we can find in Christ.

So, as the sun warms my face, I am grinning: internally and externally.


Rittenhouse Square Through the Eyes of a Runner.

She sits with her head bowed over her note pad scribbling ferverishly, getting her thoughts down before they quickly flee her busy mind. Soaking up the warm rays of the golden sun that peeks through the midst of trees, she expresses herself. 


He stretches, taking a break from the depth of the novel he is so engrossed in to reenter the fast paced world. Feeling is muscles contract, he is one with his body once more. 

She reaches after her son, hoping to shield him from the dangerous world that continues around them. Discussing with her friend the beauty of the day, she sees the beauty in her son. 


He laughs aloud while discussing the latest email from his agent with his wife. Letting the slight breeze reenergize him before he has to head back to the studio for a second shift. 

These people, all so engrossed in life sit and stand only feet away from each other, I wonder if they know each other exist? I wonder if they acknowledge each other? I wonder if they are able to find he common joy of this beautiful day with each other? 

As I smile at these beautiful people I pass, I hope they feel my desire to share the joys with them. 

“So now I am giving you a new commandment. Love each other. Just as I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

Money Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Money. What is this thing that we revolve our lives around?

This faded, torn, dirty, green piece of paper people trample each other over in order to obtain.

What is money?

It is an object that is abused, misused, and often times representative of the bad in this world.


It turns even the most level headed person, into a green eyed monster. It causes jealousy and competition where it is. And pain and brokenness where it is not.

How can a piece of paper with an arbitrary number and value assigned to it cause so much chaos?

It is what I study, what I am told I must maximize, control, and invest.


Maybe this is the problem. Maybe it is just how we are looking at it.


Tonight, I was reminded, Money is a means to provide opportunity.

It can be one of the greatest mechanisms of change in our world. We must remember what we use our money for represents everything about ourselves.

We can selfishly spend and spend, or we can generously give and give.

We can combat that pain and brokenness where it is lacking. We can give until the jealous have no reason to be.
We can love in a way that we are called to.


“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17

Worship Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Our voices rise together, in a beautiful hum. The words flow freely and openly as we lift our thoughts to that above. The expressions being presented are not of ourselves, instead of that deepest part of our hearts that break for the world, and for each other.

Our foreheads touch as the tears flow. These beautiful sentiments of brokenness, hope, and grace.

Our tears meld these three together, as our voices continue from the deepest place of our being.

Our voices and chants turn to song. To a psalm. To worship.


This continues into the dark of the night. But all I can see is light.

As our heads fall for the final time, we continue. Our minds becoming one with our bodies. Our minds becoming one with the Earth and all who inhabit it. Our minds are not our own.

This beautiful hum, murmurs on.