Thursday Through the Eyes of a Runner.

I breathe in. My lungs fill with that glorious smell if rich, strong coffee. The sounds of Richie Lionel  hum in the background. I close my eyes and sigh, I have a happy heart and my face shows it. Nothing about this Thursday has been spectacular, but maybe in that lies the beauty.

A normal day is how I would define today. But a normal day with a breakthrough. A breakthrough of peace and grace. I am forgiven!

The dim light in this coffee shop makes everyone look glorious, like angels waiting for their call. Waiting for the night, waiting for the weekend, waiting for their call. As I sit here and wait, I wonder if that glow surrounds me, because I am waiting too. Waiting to find out what is outside the door, in the cold of the night, awaiting in New Haven this weekend, what is in the hope of the summer, in the anticipation of next fall, and in store for my life.

Ah, wait patiently I am told, so I smile, close my eyes, hear those smooth notes of Lionel, and breathe in that warm scent of strong coffee.


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