Reflections on the First Day of Spring Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Let me begin this post by saying happy first day of spring! Now, on to the reflections.


As I stare at the puddle before me all I see is a haze. Formed by the lights of Locust, the splashes the passersby makes, and the water that blurs my eyes.

My heart breaks. How can something so personal become something so social. I don’t want to hurt others, yet I have found myself doing nothing but this. I have hurt and been intensely hurt by the best. I have no response but to let it out.  I can’t keep this pain in any longer. So I do. As the rain comes down, it washes away my tears. Even the cold tonight has a sense of renewal. In this cold, wet rain, I am breaking.

This pain hurts so badly my heart seems to break outside of my frail, pinched skin.


But with brokenness comes new life. I am being reformed, I am being restored.

This was my last day of winter.




I wake to the light of day as I roll out of bed to finish a Spanish paper and do my secretarial work of managing life. The haze remains over the city, yet the forecast promises good things are to come.

Walking down Locust, I feel a spring in my step remembering whose I am. Ironically enough, as the day progresses, I find this spring in my step becoming grander, becoming larger, almost as if I am skipping.

The sun beats down as I realize, it is the First Day of Spring.

Ah Spring: The promise of new life. The promise of joy. The promise of our Savior.

Adorned in colors, I bound off to share life with wonderful people. And even the silly smile can’t be wiped off my face after I leave this community.

My joy is so full that my heart seems to be larger than my chest and smile can handle.


With spring comes the promise of new life. I am being reformed, I am being restored.

This was my first day of spring.

Reflections on the first day of spring.