The Battle Through the Eyes of a Runner.



The snow sits majestically on the ground that I rush past. Even the lakes have a frozen layer of white covering the unknown below. The winter rages on.

The hours of warmth were all too quickly forgotten as the wind picked up; making the raindrops hit the side of my face, as if they were falling sideways from their cloud.

On one side of the train, the sun desires to show itself again, but the clouds, angrily refuse. You can only make out the outline of colors through the rage and dark.

On the other side the light airy clouds smile as the mile of blue peeks through. The sun is welcome on this side. It is loved by its neighbor.

The contrast of colors amazes me. There is the good and the bad. The pure and the tarnished. The loved and the hated.

There, in those colors, is the truth of the world.


The battle is waged. The swords are ready. The sides are fighting. The storm rages on.


And I, I sit comfortably between. Later, when it is time to step out, I know which side I must choose.

I have made my decision. What is yours?

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