Running Through the Seasons Through the Eyes of a Runner.

I breathe in, and out. It is simply a miracle. A weight is lifted. So suddenly, I feel a peace.

It constantly amazes me how God works, how you can make a decision and boom. It’s changed.


As I look out at the lights of the city, I ponder and wonder about beauty.

I find it is the simple skyline and the moon sparkling in the distance. Where others find the most grand beauty of a country road. Others in the peaks of the mountains, or staring out at a dry, orange land.

Ah, it makes me want to run.

To lace up my well worn sneakers, and start moving. Putting one foot in front of the other. Taking me through the desert, across the city, up the mountain, down the dusty road.

Oh, I miss the warm sun baking my glistening skin as I pound through miles. I miss the fall leaves rustling across the path as my partner and I laugh. I miss the new smell of spring wafting through my nostrils as I speed ahead.

Winter has wreaked its havoc on my running. I am ready to get going with fervor again! Now it seems when I run with fervor, I slip and fall.

Paralleling that with day to day life seems like an easy jump for me; sometimes we are just running so fast, we slip and fall.


Sometimes we forget the simple joys in life. We get too bogged down with life.

For me the past couple of weeks its been studying for tests and doing homework.

We get so bogged down we forget to see. To see the beauty of the people we are around. The beauty of our surroundings. The beauty of the strong legs taking us places.


So tomorrow, as the sun says its good mornings to this beautiful Earth. I will test out how strong those legs are. And where they will take me.


Here is to adventure. Goodnight.