Minimizing the Divide Through the Eyes of a Runner.

The fog of the morning silhouettes the deep blue mountains. The ridge pops out from the landscape so vividly, establishing itself against the sky. The cold seems to feed this divide.

As I sprint a little faster to warm my muscles, I ponder on this. Don’t we, as humans, do the same thing?

We fight all our lives to be the darker, brighter, lighter color. To be whatever stands out against our surroundings.

To be so memorable that we can’t help but establish ourselves.


… Maybe we should stop. Maybe we should strive to always be the light in this world. Not because it is different than the dark, but because it is right. Just maybe we should try to be what God made us to be instead of what we made us to be. 

Think of the unity and joy that would be found. 

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works” Ephesians 2:10