Blessed Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Every time I look at the beauty around me in fall I can’t help but be amazed and in awe of God. 

There are so many times in my day that I feel overwhelmed, busy, and numb to the world around me that in the simple things such as the beautiful red, yellows, and oranges that the trees and bushes change to bring such a great reminder that we must enjoy every moment and not take anything for granted. 

I am honored and humbled daily to be studying at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton. Even though I am not near the best student here I can see how what I am learning is so pivotal in my life. It is amazing that accounting can be the first thing I think of when my new running shoes get delivered, or marketing is what I think of when buying new shampoo. 

I am so joyful that I am able to live in Philadelphia for these short 4 years of college. The more and more I explore the city and what it has to offer, the more and more I love it and want to become more integrated into life here. I absolutely love that because of running I have been able to learn the city in a way that unless I walked into center city everyday I would not know it the same. 


Running is such a great way to explore! Also running is a great way to get to know the people of a city. 

I’m not talking about those people you pass when out for a run, or even the person you pace with but don’t know; I’m talking about running groups. I think these groups are so awesome and give you a chance to meet new people, explore new careers, and just learn about life through another person’s perspective. I run with a group here in Philadelphia and through that have met wonderful people who I get the pleasure of running with outside the group, and seeing in random places in Philadelphia! I encourage any runner, find a good group in your area! If there isn’t one, why not make one?!                                (I know of a few in Philadelphia, PA and Bedford,VA if you are interested in the details comment below!)



Now a bit about my life the past couple of weeks!

I’ve dressed up a lot!

1930’s Dinner Party:



Halloween Night of 50’s Gals:





Night After Halloween as Camp Counselors:



I saw Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! And Giraffes:


I got my portrait done with my Mom and spent a great short weekend with her:



I’ve discovered vanilla cremes (8 oz milk, 1 TBL vanilla, 1 TBL sweetener, Heat in microwave for 2 minutes, add a marshmallow, and yum!):



And now off to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls! I love fall! Minus the cold….


Stay warm and be happy! 

“He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8