Adjusting your Sails Through the Eyes of a Runner.

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.”

This is such a great quote and applicable in many aspects of life. For me recently it has been very true in my training schedule for the Philly Half Marathon as well as my schoolwork. During the summer when training for my first half marathon I just picked a schedule and went with it. However, in the vane of continuing the metaphor of the above quote, I was running with my sails not being fully filled. The strict guide didn’t fit into my daily routine. This time around I decided to adjust my sails for the wind that is the hectic-ness of life and make up my own training guide. It has proven very helpful and I’m love to share it with any runners out there, or create a personalized plan for you and your goals!

As for schoolwork, it’s as if the wind is always shifting and sometimes my sails are catching it, other times they aren’t. I must continuously shift my study patterns, my allocation of time, and ultimately my sails.

As I look toward the next semester and summer, I must also shift my sails so the winds that I should be catching are caught successfully. As I constantly am searching for which direction, or state, or company, or country the winds are coming from.

To translate the metaphor into real life, I have 14 tabs up on my computer currently, all which hold possible internships or jobs I want to apply for for next semester…. Now if only there was a clear direction in these internships I should be taking, it would be so much easier…

All I have for you today is: Look out for where the wind is coming from, and fully catch it in your sails. Because what good is having your boat standing still when you could be on the journey to the next place in life!