Passions Through the Eyes of a Runner.

I want to start off this post with a question meant for you to answer: What is a passion? Is it that thing that makes you giggle and smile non-stop? Is it that thing you get up in the morning thinking about? Is it that sense of fulfillment you finally find in something? Is it the thing that brings you joy in the otherwise mundane? 

I inquire now: What is yours? 

As I search deeper and deeper into myself this question keeps reoccurring in my searches. What is my passion? 

As one of my first posts ever Changes Through the Eyes of a Runner. ( I mention a lot of things I love doing. Can I really call the beach my passion? How about cooking? Eh, maybe running? Hm, traveling? 

None of those seem quite right, nor are something I can use to help shape my future career. Being back at Penn there is a conversation that everyone seems to revert back to when not sure what to say next, “Hey, my name is ________, What’s yours ________? I’m a sophomore in Wharton, what are you?”  And the third question is the one that gets me  “What is your major?” or “What’s your eventual goal?” I do admit I am very guilty of asking this question when I meet someone new to make small talk, or one of the seniors I meet that I’m not sure what to say to them just so I can feel connected. This stigma has taken over Penn, academia, and when you really think about, it the world.

There is always this urge to explore the next thing, find your next goal, move on towards something new. So what is mine?

I have a goal that I tell people when they ask, “to open my own chain of resort-like hotels”, but really when it comes down to it, I could drop that idea in a heart beat. Yes it would be cool, yes it would be fun, yes I think I would enjoy it but if it didn’t happen it wouldn’t make or break me. 

In exploring classes and careers and ideas, I have yet to find something in academia that I am passionate about. 

There is only one thing that I can think of that fulfills all my prior inquiries about what a passion is. That thing that makes me giggle and smile non-stop, that thing I get up in the morning thinking about, that sense of fulfillment I finally find in something, the thing that brings me joy in the otherwise mundane: People. 

I love people, I love community, I love being surrounded by others, learning from them, and sharing life with people. 

Now’s the difficult part, how do I make my passion into a career? How can I use my true passion in the future. What role will people play into my life?

All questions to ponder as I get deeper into my sophomore year.


Now I ask you, how can you make your passion into your future? Think about it this weekend, explore it, pray about it, and truly experience it whenever possible. Whether it be your job, your creativity, your relationships, the outdoors. Get out and enjoy life!


“Rejoice always” 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Chores Through the Eyes of a Runner.

There are days in life, like today where the mundane chores of life seem like one of the best things you can do. God is so good that he can bring such joy in such menial things. Doing laundry, running to buy septa tokens, washing the kitchen, running to center city to do my shopping, and just having a relaxing day enjoying the simple things like Chai Lattes and perfect views. 



Simple things such as looking at a beautiful building can cause unbounded joy, or passing the cutest baby in a stroller while running can cause unstoppable grins. On a day like today, anything seems possible and probable.  


But then God also made us to have fun, so the night awaits! Have fun this Friday night! Happy Friday Philly and all!