NSO Through the Eyes of a Sophomore Runner.

So Penn’s version of Welcome Week for freshmen is called New Student Orientation. And I was so tempted to name this blog post NSOoooooooooo Exhausting. Man even last year during my NSO I was never as tired, exhausted, and completely drained as I was during this one. Hence the reason for the hiatus in blog posts. It’s been nonstop go go go. 


It all started with my move-in volunteering shifts. Having 6 hours of shifts for 4 days really puts a kink in the relaxation that was supposed to be the end of summer. But it was a ton of fun, I got to meet some really cool people who I was manning the booth to hand out keys and moving carts with. Also just seeing the excitement and joy of the freshmen coming in was so rewarding. 

And then on Wednesday I left for Pretreat which was such a rewarding time away from the city where my christian group, Penn Cru, was able to plan, cast vision, and realign our hearts with love for people, our campus, and the city. We stayed at a campground in West Chester and did everything from playing weird dice games, games that involved contortionism and biting cereal boxes, getting caught in the river during thunder, and getting way too little sleep but enjoying every moment of it!

This photo is from my spontaneous hike alone before my devotional the first morning. 



Then getting back on campus the fun really began! That night I was able to meet up with some freshmen and really get to know them and get excited for the year over desserts! Throughout the past 5 days I’ve had way too many sweets, played water pong, used my first rootbeer keg, ventured into Philly many time for cheese steaks, errands, running with friends, starting the marathon training plan, finally going back to my church, catching up with friends, dancing until I am way too sore, ab workouts with my roommate, cooking, failed at crashing the dessert reception, but most of all been blessed. 



The things I’ve realized over the past week and a half is God tries us in sometimes the most painful ways. He also will bring you peace and eventually joy in it. Sometimes he calls you to give up one of the things you love most in your life and what can we do but listen? Sacrificing requires so much more than courage, it requires God. But if you remain faithful in the Lord all things become worthwhile, no matter the pain. Whatever you are going through remain strong in the Lord.



“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Psalms 143:8

So here’s to the start of Sophomore year, after a long and wonderful NSO, changes, and challenges. Try and make what you have in front of you in this moment the best it can be. 

With Love from Philly.


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