Innovation Through the Eyes of a Runner.

We encounter innovation on a daily basis in our lives. Do we call it innovation? No not often. However anything we are doing to make some sort of new method, idea, or product is innovation.

The simple things as your daily routine started out as innovation of a new method, the phones and computers we find ourselves glued to on a daily basis was innovation at one point. Even the new way of helping freshman move in this year is innovation.

It is really a cool concept that everything we do and have ever done was created and innovated at some point. Now people innovate many things, but where does the urge to move forward and explore and innovate come from? Nothing other than the greatest innovator and creator of all time, God. 

Last night I went to a free screening of the Jobs movie and it made me look at things today a little differently. My smoothie I made for lunch after my run was revolutionary at some point in time. The set up of the stores I shopped in was new at some point. The shoes I ran in were a innovation just recently. It’s just cool to think about how quickly things change, and how much impact when God blesses a person with an idea that idea can have. 

Look at life anew today, in it’s make-up, in it’s beauty, in God’s love.



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