Reverse Changes Through the Eyes of a Runner.

As I sit on my bed looking out at the beautiful city I live in, drink my tea, eat my cereal, and ponder why God took me to study in Hosea this morning, I know he is a perfect God. 

Sunday I arrived back in my city. I am unpacked and getting settled, reuniting with friends, headed out for a run after this, and then I get to help freshmen move in later!! I can’t explain how at peace I feel every time I come back to Philadelphia. It’s not mostly the city, not mostly the academia I’ve got to get back to far too soon, it’s the people. I miss the people so in Bedford. Not only my friends, but those perfect strangers that I have the opportunity to encounter, and share God’s love with them. 


As my pastor Steve Huber once said, “Cities are the best and worst of everything, therefore God loves them and he is there working.” I believe with all my heart that is why I’m here in Philadelphia. And man, it’s good to be back!

But….. I haven’t posted in far too long so let’s travel back 10 days to August the 10th. The day I did my first half marathon!

Waking up at 4am to prepare for the 7:30am start time, I was feeling good, awake, and a bit nervous. And the sound of the go from the man in the front of the pack I took off, I maneuvered around 200 of the runners to find a lovely woman who I was able to pace with, that turned into sharing our lives and running with for the first 5 miles. I was feeling good! Mile 4-5 was an uphill and I was like “I can do this!” Once I got up to the Virginia Training Center Campus to do my two loops around there I started dragging as my running buddy had to drop back. Now, left to my mind and my body I started to get dejected. As I ran back down the hill the hill I had come up 4 miles earlier, I started feeling it. The next 3 miles between 9.5-12.5 were the roughest miles of my life. I was feeling like a failure when I had to walk a bit and then once my breathing slowed down it was harder to start to run again, which made me feel even more like a failure. At the end I got a little burst of energy again but I honestly feel as if I ran the half again today, even with taking the past week off, I would run better than I had that day. Because once failure seeps into your mind it’s hard to set it back on track. 


But onto the next running feat: The Philly Marathon!!! November 17th will come quite quickly so time to go! Literally!

As for last week, I completed my summer job which was a relief, got to hang out with my mother and boyfriend, and father and brothers a lot, and just got read to come back to school. It was a good, yet busy last week home!


But Philly I’m back! 


From Bedford back to Philly! 



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