A Step Back in Time Through the Eyes of a Runner.


Most of the time when you hear a “step back in time”, you probably don’t expect to hear about something that was merely a year before. Well it seems as though this past year was so pivotal in my life that a year ago was a full “step” in my life ago.

Yesterday I accompanied my best friend since second grade back to the farm I worked on during high school. I used to feed 32 horses in the mornings before school and every other morning too. Whether it was a bright sunny summer day, where by 8 am the heat was already unbearable, or it was one of those perfect sweatshirt and jean type crisp mornings of the fall that bring dew and bright colors on the trees, or one of those bitter cold winter mornings where the dark still lingered over the farm causing shadows to dance in the woods and my mind because 5:30 am always came way too quickly in the winter, or whether it was the spring day that everything that had been planted decided to bloom all at once, I loved that job. 


Even when I was away at school I looked back and reminisced over my 3 years at the farm. This I wrote in my writing class last fall semester.

“Cows moo, chickens scratch, and horses neigh in anticipation of their coming meal as the sun peaks over the Blue Ridge Mountains, illuminating the trees surrounding you. You can tell that the night before was humid as the heavy dew clings to the grain, while it slowly dries emitting that hearty scent of the earth that the animals long for.



But all is silent, the sun has yet to rise and the bitter cold and stillness overtake your bones as you step out of the warm barn. The animals are still in slumber, you sink into the fresh blanket of snow as you walk, and your mind begins to imagine what could be lurking in the deep pine forest, waiting for you to get close enough so it can grab you.”



It really is awesome how God brings us into things unexpectedly that end up being amazing. It was the summer of my sophomore year and I had my first job ever lined up and it fell through due to some random reasons in the company, and mentioning this to my high school crush’s mother, I got this job at the horse farm!


And God is so good. It was the perfect job all throughout high school and into my leaving for college. I miss the horses, I miss the smell, I miss the funny powder that got stuck to your hands while fixing the meals, I miss the challenge it was to open the grain silo, and avoid the scratchy hay on the hay cart. I miss using all my force to bust open water that had ice 3 inches thick on a cold morning, I miss GO being the stallion he is, I miss Wee Willy pawing the ground for food, I miss having to watch Sham, Bon Bon, and Biscuit to make sure Biscuit wasn’t being a bully during feeding times. But most of all I miss the beauty that came with the farm, the miracles of the land it was on, the beauty of a horse running, it’s muscles rippling below it’s skin, and the peace I found in it every day. 


“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

But God tells us no matter what, I can have peace. As long as if I trust in him! That peace I found can be with me always. And thank my dear Lord for that! I need that, you need that, we all need that. 


May the peace of Christ be with you and yours today! And hello from Bedford!



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