South Carolina Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Hello folks!!!

Oh how I’ve missed sharing with you all over the past three weeks! They have been hectic ones and each deserves a post of its own, so today’s is my lovely trip down south to the great Palmetto State!

Two Sundays ago, my boyfriend and I loaded up the car with beach chairs, bags, and coolers and hit the road for the 6 hour ride to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After a fairly uneventful trip and checking in to our super large hotel room we got to venture over to catch the last few rays of sun being reflected off the lovely water of the Atlantic Ocean. 



Here I am going to put in a little plug about the ocean: I LOVE the Ocean. It is a marvelous creation of God. When you think about it everything on this Earth that God created is connected by the Ocean. Isn’t that mind boggling and humbling?

Anywho, after taking a shower to get all the salt off we hiked down to the strip! Man is the Myrtle Beach strip a unfriendly kid spot. There was so much inappropriate stuff and a lot of people down there, however the walk down admiring the houses was lovely!

The next day we laid out in the sun and played on the beach for 5 hours until the mood was sobered with the death of 2 men in the ocean. As we watched from our beach chairs and prayed, it was horrific. A 16 year old had gone out to play with his friends and when he got in trouble a 34 year old man went out to help him and both men drowned. One was found within minutes of the lifeguards arriving, the other took about 30 minutes to be found. 

This combined with my love for the ocean could only make me think about the circle of life and how God has a plan for everything in this world. 


To make our day more joyful again we decided to putt putt! We did 18 holes of pirate filled mini golf!Image


The next day, Will woke up super duper burnt so we decided to avoid the sun and go shopping and check out Broadway at the Beach! Needless to say, will and I are both cheapskates and didn’t get anything out shopping, yet we did have a fun time exploring different stores and making fun of prices!

We concluded the day with 34 more holes of mini golf! This time we both were a bit more refined in our skills!


Our last day at Myrtle Beach consisted of sitting out on the beach



Eating delicious seafood and riding Will’s first ferris wheel ever, the Sky Wheel!



The next day we loaded the car up again and drove to southern South Carolina to visit my grandparents. It was far too short of a trip but we: Ate too much, did Irish Line Dancing, Saw the Sheldon Church Ruins, Ate too much, Shopped, Had a Blast, Ate too much, and Caught up. It was far too short of a trip to a little piece of paradise!




It was a blessing to visit and have fun with two of the most amazing people I know! God has blessed me with such an amazing family who I love so much and love me back!


As our relaxing week came to a close we had to repack the car, not so excitedly this time, climb in and drive back. After a long drive full of rerouting, rain, and rumbles we made it back to the Old Dominion.  (Beautiful in a different way than the good Old Palmetto)


In your travels remember “The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.” Psalms 121:8


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