76 and Sunny Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Mr. Parson had it right as he drove by Charlie (the dog) and I running, “It’s a beautiful day for a run!”

That it is, a beautiful day for a run and all in all a beautiful day in the Lord. My boyfriend woke me up when he realized he overslept this morning and asked me if I could make his lunch for him while he took a shower and got ready to go volunteer at the Cub Scouts Camp. I hadn’t planned on getting up earlier than 9am but I was glad to be up the hour and a half earlier. 

Its one of those beautiful and sunny days that make it difficult to be upset or annoyed by anything. The bees buzzing around my head are welcome today. The fly that stalked me on my run, just a different sort of running buddy. The wet dog that shook on me after my shower, she was just being loving. 


I know I will regret waking up so early when I am still at work by 11pm tonight, yet for now I revel in the relaxation and productivity it caused of me. All before 1pm I was able to go for a long run, lay out in the sun and finish a book, do some much needed cleaning, water the garden, organize a bit, fix a healthy lunch and shower. 

It’s just a beautiful day in the Lord. 


God Bless you today! Remember he is the one that places all good in your life!