Busy Days Through the Eyes of a Runner.

Finally, I have a morning where I don’t need to set an alarm, rush about getting ready for work,  packing my lunch, and running through that daily checklist of “things to accomplish today.” 

I am so blessed that I have found a summer job where I am able to work 40 hours a week, but there are those times (like after working 10 days in a row) where you just are exhausted.

For all my followers out there, I apologize for the lack of post in so long! I have kinda felt like a real person lately in a weird way. Go to work, get home, do house work, exercise, eat, sleep, repeat. This both is slightly annoying and exhilarating. I feel as if I have no time to slow or rest, yet I also feel as though I’m finally growing up and maturing into who God wants me to be. 

I realize when I actually do get a full time job, I’ll probably have more set hours than I do as a cashier, yet this feels like a little dip of my toes in the water. And the water so far has proven to be lukewarm and not too intimidatingly cold or hot! Which just reminds me how awesome God is and how Paul explains in Ephesians 2:10  “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” 

God knows what he is doing and man, he is so awesome and perfect! Everyday we must look at the day and what we do as a way God has created us and made us anew. From those first steps of a baby, to those first days in school, to the first meal you create by yourself, to the first day you are on your own, to the first day of work, and every other step between and after, God is with you.

It is amazing how I can see how God has placed me in people’s lives, even if it be in the two minutes I check them out at work, to the friendly smile as we pass each other out running, to the people who I am blessed to share life with more permanently. God made us for community and to share his love within community. 

As for the last 10 days when I’ve felt too frazzled to blog some great things have occurred:

First of all my training plan for the half-marathon is going great! I can see myself regaining my speed and excitement I had when I left Philly! I feel for the first time in months that I am actually getting somewhere with my running! Today in a tempo day full of sprints and jogging which is difficult but I love the way my body feels after it!!

As for other excitement in my life, my mom and I are finally tackling the boxes in the basement after 3 moves, 10 years of storage, and a lack of organization in the basement! It feels so awesome as we slowly but surely work our way around! We even had to borrow a good friend’s truck to take it all away! After this summer I hope she and I will be very well pleased with what we have and even more so, what all we have gotten rid of. The only sad part I have found yet, is slowly my childhood is being thrown out…. As I move on to the next stage of my life, I guess the step stool I sat my babydolls on can finally go, and that awesome go fish card game which taught us lower-case and capital letters can go, and that sticker dollhouse that I used to amuse myself for hours on end, it’s time to part. It feels good yet bittersweet!

On Saturday, I got another peek into the awesome world of acting and performing that my little brother is so enthralled in. I got to see him perform in his spring showcase of his dance company and MAN, one this school is AWESOME! And two, WOW! My brother is a dancer! And really good!


On Sunday, I got to make a breakfast for my father in honor of Father’s Day! Even though I could only spend a few hours with him due to work, I am very glad I got to spend a little time with him! This man taught me how to laugh at the most stressful times, crack jokes when things got a bit too serious, explore the world around me and find different ways to see beauty. He is an awesome man who has helped shape me into who I am today, and I am glad to call him Papa. We honored him with the traditional T-shirt with our hand prints and our love!


Other excitements include: the power going off while I was working for  5 hours, the power going off in our home for 2 days, the movie Shooter, cleaning, baking cookies, early mornings, walks with my mother, copperheads, and running in different places like Lynchburg and Bedford city!




“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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